Juventus bounces back after Barcelona loss by beating Ferencváros 1:4

Juventus earns three more points to consolidate their second place in Champions League’s Group G qualifying round, after losing against Messi’s Barcellona 2:0 in the last tournament game.

By Daphne Seberich

Accessing the knockout stage of the competition seems what the future has in serve for Andrea Pirlo’s team. The Juventini beat a dull Ferencváros 1:4 which, especially in the second half of the game, made unbelievable mistakes that brought Juve to scoring two inconceivably easy goals. Sergi Rebrov’s team never really had the chance to succeed, but the Hungarian fans at the Puskás Arena were not giving up cheering on their players until the last minute of the match. It was refreshing to see 20.000 spectators on the tribunes during these challenging times. 

Juventus got off to a great start, pressing the Hungarian players constantly into their half of the field. The intensity was high and the Juventini were seeking their first goal of the match without a break.

After only seven minutes Juve player Álvaro Morata, who was served by a brilliant Cuadrado, scored his first out of two goals of the game, his 5th goal in his 2nd Italian campaign.

Soon after, Pirlo’s team was pursuing a goal that could have secured a big enough advantage for them to manage the rest of the match with more confidence. The Rhythm was high, but Ferencváros started to gain pace and kept up with the Italians. They had their first try at the target in the 12th minute of the match, but Sczęszny managed to keep the ball out of the goal.

That occasion helped the Hungarian players to regain trust in their abilities and on the 26th round of the clock Zubkov almost tied for his team. CR7 had his chance at the 35th minute, but Miha Blazic swept the ball off his feet two meters ahead of the goal. The intensity dropped drastically moments after and wouldn’t pick up until the end of the first half.

With the start of the second halftime, Andrea Pirlo was forced, due to health concerns, to make multiple changes to the formation, but that didn’t stop Juventus from being dangerous against their opponents.

Eight minutes after the start Ronaldo unbelievably misses, just by a hair, the right top corner of the Ferencváros goal.

Even though CR7 didn’t score, Morata sealed the deal on minute 60’ with a brilliant kick, demonstrating what an astounding shape the nr. 9 player currently is.

Paulo Dybala entered the field to substitute the Spanish goalie and right away scores an easy goal, encouraged by a horrendous mistake done by goalkeeper Dibusz, trying to pass the ball to Blasic. Not even eight minutes after, the same thing happens again between Dibusz and Dybala, gaining, yet another, easy point for Juve, which was validated as an own goal for Ferencváros.

The last action of the match showed a lucky Boli scoring the final goal of the game for his team. 

Juve now only needs to win the next match against the Hungarians in Turin to automatically pass to the round of 16 of this year’s Champions League tournament.

Photo credits: Corriere dello Sport

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