Fresh Air Podcast – Episode 7: Cruising the “impossible”

Welcome to Fresh Air, the show that takes you from the snowy peaks of the Alps to the sunny shores of Bondi beach.

From the first A,B,C of how to ski to the X, Y, Z to the climbing on the edge. Our podcast is all about introducing you to outdoor sports.

In our seventh episode, we will discover everything about a very popular sport in the streets: skateboarding. We’ll uncover everything about this amazing sport, its origin and we’ll explain to you which ones are the main disciplines. We’ll take it to the streets and this week’s an international episode with skateboarders from all over Europe speaking their mind about the sport. Lastly, we’ll listen to a special interview that you don’t wanna miss.

It’s gonna be a high altitude, high octane and a hell of a ride. You can’t be stopped.

Join us, and come and get a breath of Fresh Air.

Fresh Air Podcast – All Rights Reserved

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