F1 Extra Session – Episode 5: Monaco

F1 Extra Session is your favorite Formula One podcast. Daphne Seberich, Sebastian Becerra, and Zoé Guimard bring you post-race analysis and discuss other major stories surrounding the sport. We are Formula One fans just like you. As F1 journalists we also provide a unique perspective to what’s happening in the world of F1.

This week’s episode is a full-depth analysis about what went down during the exciting race at the glamorous and iconic race in Monte-Carlo (Monaco). Max Verstappen triumphed for the first time in its career at the Principality. Fan favorite Charles Leclerc missed out on the chance to start on pole at his home Grand Prix, due to an issue reported on his SF21. Lewis Hamilton had a disastrous race finishing in P7. We’ll cover some on the grid mishaps, some chaos in the cockpit and we’ll finish it off with some off-track chit-chat about Lando Norris signing a multi-year contract with McLaren!

Don’t miss F1 Extra Session every Monday after the race!

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