Bahrain GP – Ein dreiminütiger Rückblick

Man sah Max Verstappen als Favorit für den Sieg. Doch selten läuft es wie geplant. Was geschah während des ersten Rennens in Bahrain?

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F1 Extra Session – Episode 1: Bahrain

F1 Extra Session is your favorite Formula One podcast. Daphne Seberich, Sebastian Becerra, and Zoé Guimard bring you post-race analysis and discuss other major stories surrounding the sport. We are Formula One fans just like you. As F1 journalists we also provide a unique perspective to what’s happening in the world of F1. 

This week’s episode is a full-depth analysis about what went down in the season-opening race in Bahrain. We’ll cover some on the grid mishaps, some chaos in the cockpit and we’ll finish it off with some off-track chit-chat discussing David Coulthard’s 50th birthday and what Romain Grosjean is doing after last years’ Bahrain incident!

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