An interview with Sebastian Springeth

I had the pleasure to interview professional Snowboarder Sebastian Springeth ahead of the Aspen X Games 2021. Not only did we talk about his career and the “Olympics of Snowboarding” (aka the X Games), but we also tried to introduce snowboarding to a newbie.

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Exclusive interview with Daphne Seberich for Ready Set Sport / Fresh Air Podcast

Video rights: Ready Set Sport, Salomon Snowboards & Obereggen Ski Resort

Fresh Air Podcast – Episode 1: Riding the Snow

Welcome to Fresh Air, the show that takes you from the snowy peaks of the Alps to the sunny shores of Bondi beach.

From the first A,B,C of how to ski to the X, Y, Z to the climbing on the edge. Our radio show is all about introducing you to outdoor sports. 

In our first episode we’ll discover all about the X GAMES,
professional Snowboarder Sebastian Springeth (Click here for the full video interview) and we’ll take it to the streets, learning about people’s first experience riding the snow.

It’s gonna be a high altitude, high octane and a hell of a ride.

Join us, and come and get a breath of Fresh Air.

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